MIII researcher analyzes aspects on Zika virus

Last Wednesday 27th channel “24 hours”, discussed several aspects of the Zika virus with a group of researchers and health authorities because this virus is quickly expanding in the continent.


Dr. Pablo González MIII/FCB-Universidad Católica Researcher, Paloma Cuchí OPS/OMS consultant and Camilo Rodríguez-Beltrán Universidad del Desarrollo participated in this panel.

Given the important number of tourists that will travel this summer to different regions within the continent, various media sources (newspaper: Las Últimas Noticias, radio: Radio Futuro, Radio Bio Bio, Radio Cooperativa) have contacted MIII Researchers with the aim to know more about the characteristics of this virus and how to prevent infection.

You can check the video here (the aspects on Zika start at minute 41:50).

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